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Are you ready to help “Fill the FCS Educator Pipeline”? There is a severe shortage of ‪#‎FamilyConsumerSciences‬ educators and we’re asking you to recruit educators or to consider a career in FCS education!

Step One:

Complete our simple online sign-up form. Whether you’re a student, educator, FCS professional, or supporter, commit to “Say Yes to FCS”!

Step Two:

Check out our interactive map and see who else has committed to “Say Yes to FCS”!

Step Three: 

Visit the campaign page on the AAFCS website for tools to promote educator recruitment in your community and nationwide!

Step Four:

Change your profile picture to indicate that you are proud to “Say Yes to FCS” using one of our profile picture options!

Are you a future FCS educator, or considering that path? Visit our resource page for future FCS Educators and learn more about FCS careers and programs around the nation!