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All BPA, DECA, Educators Rising, FCCLA, HOSA, SkillsUSA, and Technology Student Association students, teachers and advisors are invited to participate in a monthly CTE leadership series that has been organized in partnership with Grand Canyon University.  The student leadership series will be delivered at no cost via Zoom.  The monthly sessions will begin on September 15, 2021 and conclude on Feb 2, 2022.  The Zoom link for each session will be sent via e-mail to pre-registered participants on the morning of each session.  Please share this opportunity with all CTE teachers and students.  Participants who register and complete at least 4 of the 6 free sessions will receive a Delaware CTSO Student Leadership Series certificate of completion. 

Learning Series Agenda
Session Topics  DiSC Analysis (5pm-6pm on Sept 15, 2021) – Students will take part in a leadership activity that will help identify their personality type, analyze their strengths and blind spots, understand how to leverage their strengths in various environments and communicate with different personality types. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware TSA.

Leadership Development (5pm-6pm on Oct 6, 2021) – The goal of this activity is for students to learn about their leadership style, how to leverage their strengths and implement their leadership style into their daily life. Students will take a leadership quiz, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of leadership styles and engage with a GCU student throughout the entire activity. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware BPA

Social Media Design (5pm-6pm on Nov 10, 2021) – Social media is the perfect medium to connect with customers and drive impact for long-term business success. In this activity, students will create a social media strategy by learning to find their voice and creating digital content for their own personal branding and identity campaigns. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware HOSA

The Power of Stories (5pm-6pm on Dec 8, 2021) – For the Power of Storytelling LIVE Lesson, students will engage in a writing activity that will teach them about the application of creative writing techniques and structures. They will also learn through practice that communication is about developing and delivering information effectively. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware DECA

Innovative Thinking (5pm-6pm on Jan 5, 2022) – The objective of this activity is for students to apply creative strategies to develop an innovative mindset. During the activity, students will identify everyday items that can be combined to solve everyday problems, encouraging creativity. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware Educators Rising

Global Awareness (5pm-6pm on Feb 2, 2022) – The goal of this activity is for students to understand why global awareness is essential to the progression of society and to celebrate other cultures. Students will participate in a small-group activity to research countries from across the world and discuss the difference between surface culture and deep culture. Sponsored by Grand Canyon University and Delaware SkillsUSA

Questions? Contact:
Nicole Lawless [email protected] or
Mike Fitzgerald [email protected] for assistance.